Good afternoon, Dear Visitor!

You are greeted by photographer Irina Warm Vision.


How can I describe what I do

This is a continuation of my worldview, the embodiment of personal vision and inspiration, the implementation of various ideas in the form of thematic projects and photography for interiors.

What preceded the start of my activity

Higher education in information and management (MGIAI-RGGU, Moscow), courses in three-dimensional graphics at Moscow State University, second higher education in media and political marketing (Polish Institute of Management and Marketing, Warsaw), work in a commercial organization and state institution, an architectural studio, in a foreign company.  Everywhere all this time I was accompanied by a camera, however it started from childhood .... Thanks to my parents, a special attitude to photography can be said to have been formed "from the cradle".  “Lyubitel-2”, “Smena”, “Crystal”, films, a red lamp and film development as a manifestation and appearance of a miracle, black and white landscapes, portraits, as well as photographs that my father took while serving in the air regiment - a unique part of life that eventually helped  me to start moving in a priority direction, transforming the experience of previous professional activities and initial photographic attempts.  Attending master classes, participating in photo contests, communicating with foreign photographers, overcoming doubts, creating the first works for a private collection are all stages of ongoing development with Canon cameras.

The essence and purpose of creative intentions

I strive to convey through my vision the poetry and figurative associativity of images, the atmosphere of soulful relaxation and warm mood, the lyricism of nature and the softness of the colors of the surrounding space, trying to touch by my inner world of perception to the outside world, bring photography closer to painting. My favorite specialty, Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography, also helps me to express it. 

I am pleased to see the results of inspiration in the interiors of customers and their positive emotions.

The joint decision on the creation and selection of photographs is made taking into account the interior features, in a kind atmosphere of individual attentive attitude.

I would be glad if in my embodied activity you find something close to Your perception.

Art activity achievements

Certificates for participation in 35Awards international photo contests, Palanga Photo Salon photo contest (FIAP).

Publications in the German online magazine - online Magazine for photography & art Tagree,

French Art platform - Modern and contemporary artists online galleries and portfolios,

detailed positive review of my photographs that participated in the Art Photography Awards 2019 on the LensCulture.

Member of the ICM Photography Magazine photo community,

member of the French Art Association “Echiquier”,

member of the "Russian photo" club. 

Charity photo exhibition "Our View". (September 2019) in the Association "Photocenter" on Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow, diploma.

International exhibition-competition in the Museum of Art Deco, Moscow (October 2020), diploma, winner of 1 prize in the category Art Photography.

Virtual gallery of London-based organization Art Number 23, online exhibition “Open Art Contest” (November 2020).



What are the plans

Currently forming a natural series of ICM photographs that will be published on my website and on the French platform Artlimited and preparing to participate in the exhibition.

I am open for collaboration, creation of individual photographs for the interior and participation in various creative projects.


With respect and glad to see you again, Irina Warm Vision.



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