A kaleidoscope of small stories about some of my photos

“Floral fox.  See the world with an open gaze of the soul” ( “Цветочная лиса.  Видеть мир открытым  взглядом души”).


“Floral fox. See the world with an open gaze of the soul” ( “Цветочная лиса. Видеть мир открытым взглядом души”)


Dedicated to a touching story from a book "Zamarayka"- author Stepanenko. This little black-brown fox had an "irregular" black fur with a lot of red spots. He was not like all foxes, as if he were an outcast among his own. And from the first days he had difficult conditions for existence, until there were amazing meetings with the kindness of people and when there were great amazing changes with the thoughts and behavior of some people who seemed to have rediscovered the familiar world around them and their new view of the soul. From this flower petals appeared this associative image of the face of the fox, you will surely see fox eyes, looking at the same time with a light cunning of a wild animal, and with undefended,and raised in the greeting right paw (processing blending multiple flower photos and city photo).


“Goethe&Schelling. The musical soul of architecture” ( “Гете и Шеллинг. Музыкальная душа архитектуры”).



With the help of this photograph, I would like to express the famous quotation from the book "Philosophy of Art", which written s by the amazing personality of the German philosopher Schelling Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph -“If architecture is frozen music ...”

 It also reflects the words of the famous Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  -  "I call architecture frozen music."

These words of great personalities are very close to my perception, so I decided to cteate  my photo: “Goethe and Schelling ... The musical soul of architecture”.


 “Rendezvous with the magic world of golden love…” (“Рандеву с волшебным миром золотой любви ...”).


"Rendezvous with the magic world of golden love..." (“Рандеву с волшебным миром золотой любви ...”)


Photo completely without additional software processing, with natural sunlight. I wanted to capture the poetic, lyrical and sublime atmosphere of golden autumn in its opening magical space for everyone who walks through this park and plunges into the atmosphere of warm tones, tenderness, love, thoughts, inspiration and new dreams… I especially wanted to convey the storyline love on the example of a walking couple and the selected autumn season. For here I tried to embody the idea of mature, caring and wise love, which can be called autumn, as well as golden, in its inner sense of the content. (Intentional camera movement and natural light).


“White petals of the swan"s inner tenderness” (“Белые лепестки внутренней нежности лебедя").



In my artwoks I always use a flower theme to convey a special world of interaction between external and internal perception, lyricism and airy mood, figurative associativity. This graceful swan inspired me to create photography showing how I see inner world of this swan, his special tenderness as cloud of white floral petals.


To be continued...